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Luxe XR Max Pod Mod Kit by Vaporesso is an 80W vapouriser that’s similar to its brothers, the Luxe X and Luxe XR Pod Kits, but adds adjustable airflow..

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Luxe XR Max Pod Mod Kit by Vaporesso is an 80W vapouriser that’s similar to its brothers, the Luxe X and Luxe XR Pod Kits, but adds adjustable airflow and wattage (via touch screen buttons), and a larger, 2800mAh built-in battery! You still get the good-looking durable, transparent plastic and alloy body, a stealth screen that disappears when not in use and those awesome 5mL e-liquid capacity Vaporesso Luxe XR Pods with replaceable GTX Coils; one for restricted direct-lung (RDL) and another for DL vaping. The great vapour flavour and dense, rich vape clouds are are given with the Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Pod Mod Vape Kit!

Check out this Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Pod Mod Kit video review on YouTube to see this vape kit in action.

Aren't there other Luxe Vape Kits?

Oh yeah! It’s starting to be a long line of Vaporesso Luxe kits including the:

  • Luxe Q and Luxe QS Pod Kits - smaller, lower-capacity disposable pods, more restricted mouth-to-lung (MTL) or DL vaping experience and no button (just auto-draw).
  • Luxe X Pod Kit - very similar to Luxe XR Max but with smaller 1500mAh battery and body, and easier to use (no adjustable wattage or airflow slider) with disposable Luxe X Pods.
  • Luxe XR Pod Kit – exactly the same as Luxe X Pod Kit but comes with Luxe XR Pods that have replaceable GTX Coils.

DL Luxe XR Pod for dense clouds

Vaporesso Luxe XR Pods already had an RDL pod that came with the Luxe XR Pod Kit but the Luxe XR Max Vape Kit introduced the DL (DTL) Luxe XR Pod with an even larger mouthpiece bore so you can draw and exhale large vape clouds. There’s more to say about Luxe XR Pods in general, like their:

  • superb vapour flavour from the extremely-popular and replaceable Vaporesso GTX Coils, made with Vaporesso’s Corex Heat Technology which:
    • uses morph-mesh, cumulus cotton inside coil
    • has more rapid and even heating to produce accurate and enhanced vapour flavour that lasts longer
    • extends the life of the coil by 50%
  • large 5mL vape juice capacity
  • simple bottom fill via rubber-plug-covered fill port at the bottom (small arrow shows where to lift rubber tab)
  • simple coil change with just a pull out of the old and plug in of the new GTX Coil from the bottom of the pod
  • good throat hit with any vape juice
  • tinted body so you can see your e-liquid level
  • strong magnetic connection keeping Luxe XR Pods firmly in place unless you want to remove them
  • ingeniously comfy duck-billed mouthpiece suited to your lips
  • customised Luxe XR Pods to suit either MTL, RDL or DL vaping:
    • MTL pods have a slim mouthpiece channel/bore and less airflow for tighter draws (sold separately)
    • RDL pods have a wider mouthpiece bore and more airflow for a looser draw
    • DL (DTL) pods have the biggest mouthpiece bore and oodles of airflow for the loosest, most satisfying DL draw
  • cross-compatibility with Vaporesso Luxe X Pods (disposable) so you can use either pods on a Luxe X, Luxe XR or Luxe XR Max vapouriser
  • SSS leak-resistant technology that refers to the Luxe XR Pod’s ability to:
    • ‘store safely’ with extra seal to avoid leakage while not in use
    • ‘saturate properly’ referring to saturating the coil with vapour e-juice via the large coil openings to the cotton
    • ‘seal comprehensively’ with the o-rings that keep the air pressure in for the best MTL, RDL or DL vaping experience.

MTL, RDL or DL vape the heck out of it

All Luxe XR Pods have replaceable Vaporesso GTX Coils which makes it easy for you to adjust your vapour production and heat. Plus, you also have three, specially-made pods to suit each vaping style so your airflow is perfect for either MTL, RDL or DL vaping.

  • MTL vaping is a cigarette-style draw where you draw and hold vapour to your mouth before inhaling to your lungs.
    • Use the Luxe XR MTL Pod (sold separately).
    • Use GTX Coils with lower resistance, from 0.6 to 1.2ohm (sold separately) for the best MTL vaping experience.
  • RDL vaping allows you to inhale vapour straight to your lungs with slight restriction by taking a deep breath in through your mouthpiece while pressing the fire button.
    • Use the included Luxe XR RDL Pod.
    • Use the included 0.4 ohm GTX Coil or those with 0.3 to 0.6 ohm resistance for medium to large vape clouds.
  • DL vaping is the same as RDL just without any restriction at all!
    • Use the included Luxe XR DTL Pod.
    • Use the included 0.2 ohm GTX Coil or those with 0.15 to 0.4 ohm resistance for super-warm draws and thick, rich, medium to large vape clouds.

Large but compact Luxe XR Max Mod

The Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Mod body may be bigger than its brothers' (Luxe X and XR) because of its bigger battery but it’s still compact enough to carry in your pocket or bag comfortably. More features you need to know about the Luxe XR Max mini-beast mod include its:

  • adjustable airflow slider to accurately loosen or tighten your vape draw
  • 80W for mid to high wattage vaping
  • adjustable wattage by clicking the fire button three times and using the up/down touch arrows (buttons disabled unless triple-clicking fire button)
  • Smart Mode that saves your coils by recognising the GTX Coil installed and not letting you increase the wattage beyond the coil’s ability (four quick clicks of the fire button to enter menu and turn on Smart Mode)
  • 2800mAh ultra high-density built-in battery for all-day vaping that lasts 40% longer than comparable vape kits (depending on which coil you use and how you vape)
  • stealth screen showing your wattage that disappears when not in use
  • battery indicator percentage on the screen
  • one hour quick charge
  • futuristic, exposed body look
  • clear, strong, plastic coating with alloy trim that looks super neat
  • single-button to vape; press the button and draw on the mouthpiece. Easy
  • on/off with five clicks of fire button for safety, especially when carrying in bag or pocket
  • pocket-friendly size considering the vaping experience it delivers
  • quick-fire for instant vape clouds as soon as you press the fire button
  • great build quality! Weighty, durable feel with no rattles
  • LED lights pulse as you vape but you can be turned off for stealth-vaping (four quick clicks of the fire button).

The Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Pod Mod Vape Kit pretty much has it all; compact body, powerful vaping, adjustability and catering for all three vaping styles (MTL, RDL and DL). If you want more control of your vaping, the Luxe XR Max is great! If you want simpler vaping of the same calibre, go for one of its brothers, the Luxe X or Luxe XR Pod Kits since they all conveniently use the same pods anyway.

Please note:

  • Turn off the Luxe XR Max Pod Kit with five clicks of the fire button when carrying to avoid accidental button presses while in your pocket or bag.
  • Prime new GTX Coils before use to avoid burning or dry hits. To do so, place a few drops of e-liquid in the coil's centre, install in the pod, fill the pod with e-liquid and let it sit for five minutes to saturate the coil’s cotton inside. See our 'How to prime new coils' frequently asked question for more information.
  • Battery safety is very important when vaping, even with simple, built-in battery devices like the Luxe XR Max Pod Vape Kit. Check out our battery safety blog post for a gist on looking after your vape.

Luxe XR Max Pod Kit features & specs

  • Dimensions: 106.5 x 32.1 x 26mm
  • E-liquid capacity: 5mL
  • Built-in battery capacity: 2800mAh
  • Wattage: 80W max
  • Easy bottom-fill system
  • 0.54 inch OLED screen
  • 2 x RGB LED lights
  • Adjustable airflow and wattage
  • Visible e-liquid level through tinted pod
  • SSS Leak-Resistant Technology
  • Corex Tech of GTX mesh coils - accurate flavour, longer pod life
  • Smart Mode from Axon Chip
  • Compatible with all Vaporesso GTX Coils
  • Compatible with both Vaporesso Luxe XR (coils) and Luxe X Pods (disposable)
  • 2A fast charge
  • Type-C USB Port 5V
  • DL, RDL and MTL vaping
  • Durable plastic coating with alloy trims

Package content

  • Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Battery/Mod
  • 2 x Vaporesso Luxe XR Pods
    • RDL
    • DTL (DL)
  • 2 x Vaporesso GTX Mesh Coils
    • 0.2 ohm (best for DL)
    • 0.4 ohm (best for RDL)
  • Type C charging cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

This product does NOT contain nicotine

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