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Sonder Q Pod Kit by GeekVape is very easy to use so it’s perfect if you are new to vaping. The Geek Vape Sonder Q Pod Kit is similar in function to it..

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Sonder Q Pod Kit by GeekVape is very easy to use so it’s perfect if you are new to vaping. The Geek Vape Sonder Q Pod Kit is similar in function to its predecessor, the GeekVape Sonder U Pod Kit, with features like its draw activated vaping (no button), decent 1000mAh built-in battery for a day’s worth of vaping, comfortable duck-billed mouthpiece and 2mL e-liquid capacity. The Sonder Q however, uses disposable Geek Vape Q Pod Cartridges, has a tall, slim, light-weight body, top fill and adjustable airflow so you can tailor your draw from restricted direct-lung (RDL, airy puff) to mouth-to-lung (MTL, restricted puff) vaping.

Check out the GeekVape Sonder Q Pod Vape Kit video review by Mike Vapes, one of our fave YouTube vape reviewers, to see the Sonder Q Pod Kit in action.

Q Pod’s easy top... fill

Don’t worry about taking your GeekVape Q Pod Cartridge out of the Sonder Q Battery to fill it with vape juice because it fills from the top! That beautifully-comfortable black mouthpiece single-handedly snaps off so you can access the fill port. More convenient features of the Q Pod Cartridge includes its:

  • 2mL vape juice capacity that’s plenty for the low-wattage vaping it supports
  • easy top fill where you push/snap off the black mouthpiece and fill via the black mesh/membrane covered fill port (not the centre hole)
  • decent, mellow vapour flavour
  • low vape cloud production
  • strong magnetic connection to Sonder Q Battery/Mod
  • super-comfy mouthpiece that’s tapered to suit your lips
  • transparent pod so you can keep an eye on your e-liquid level (avoid vaping on an empty pod so you don’t burn the built-in coil)
  • disposability so after many refills, the built-in coil will eventually no longer vape well (leaks, bad flavour, very low vape clouds) so you throw the Q Pod out and replace it
  • cross compatibility with the GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit so you can use one pod for two vaping devices. Nifty!
  • other pod options for slight draw adjustment, such as:
    • 0.6 ohm pod: great for RDL vaping with its slightly more flavour and vape clouds, warmer vapour at a bit higher wattage but note that it may go through your battery quicker (not included)
    • included 0.8 ohm pod: good for either RDL or MTL vaping with its good flavour and low vape clouds, and warm vapour
    • 1.2 ohm pod: best for MTL vaping with its lower wattage, lower vape clouds and cool vapour that may keep your battery charge for a little longer than the other pods as it uses less power (not included).

Easy pod kit with multiple draw styles

The adjustable airflow of the Geek Vape Sonder Q Pod Kit means that you can experience more than one type of vape draw without sacrificing its simplicity. You can:

  • RDL vape by having the airflow slider fully open, for an airy draw with slight restriction, where you inhale vapour straight to the lungs, bypassing the mouth.
  • Loose MTL vape by having the airflow slider half open or less, for a more restricted draw where you inhale vapour to your mouth, hold, then inhale to the lungs (like that of a stinky smoke).
  • MTL vape by having the airflow slider almost fully closed, for a similar draw to loose MTL except more restricted/tight.

Sonder Q Battery’s airflow control

While you can adjust your airflow to tailor your draw, don’t get intimidated if you’re a beginner vaper because it’s still super easy to vape with a Sonder Q Pod Kit. In fact, you don’t even have to adjust your airflow if you don’t want to! You’ll find all Geek Vape Sonder Q Vape Kit features ooze simplicity, including its:

  • adjustable airflow via an airflow slider on its side to loosen or tighten your draw to your liking
  • 1000mAh built-in battery for at least a full day of vaping before charging
  • super affordable price to get you started but you’ll need a charging cable and extra extra Q Pod Cartridges
  • draw-activated (auto-draw) vaping without a button; just draw on an e-liquid filled Q Pod to vape
  • no buttons means no concern for accidental button presses in your pocket or bag!
  • very easy use where you just fill the Q Pod with e-liquid, adjust your airflow (optional) and draw to vape
  • lightweight, compact, plastic Sonder Q body weighing only 39.1g that’s very easy to carry in your bag or pocket
  • stylish, textured body to keep your hands busy and look perty
  • unique ‘SONDER’ letter breathing lights! The Sonder logo letters shine different colours while you vape to let you know your battery level:
    • green: more than 60%
    • blue: 30-60%
    • red: less than 30%.

Please note:

  • The Sonder Q Pod Kit does not come with a charging cable but we have plenty of Type C cables in stock for you!
  • You only get one pod in the kit so we highly recommend purchasing a pack of GeekVape Q Pod Cartridge Replacements with your order so you have back-up pods when it needs to be replaced.
  • Prime new pods before use to avoid burning or dry hits. To do so, fill the pod with e-liquid and let it sit for five minutes before using to saturate the coil’s cotton inside. See our 'How to prime new coils' frequently asked question for more information.
  • Battery safety is very important when vaping, even with simple, built-in battery devices like the Sonder Q Pod Vape Kit. Check out our battery safety blog post for a gist on looking after your vape.

Sonder Q Pod Kit features & specs

  • Dimensions: 108.9 x 23.8 x 13.55mm
  • Weight: 39.1g
  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh
  • Vape juice capacity: 2mL
  • Power Output: 5-20W
  • Charging port: Type-C (cable not included)
  • Compatible with GeekVape Q Pod Cartridges
  • Q Pod’s built-in coil resistance: 0.8 ohm
  • Top fill
  • Auto draw (draw-activated, no buttons)
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Light-weight, plastic, compact body
  • MTL and RDL vaping
  • Battery indicator lights
  • Protections: overtime (stops working if draw longer than 10 seconds), short circuit and low battery.

Package content

  • GeekVape Sonder Q Battery/Device
  • GeekVape Q Pod Cartridge

This product does NOT contain nicotine

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